What can I expect from a consultation with Cobb Faux Finishing?

The consultation is the time we take to sit down with our client and or a client’s design team and really listen to the ideas and the results they are hoping to achieve. We encourage clients to bring pictures, magazine clips, fabric choices and color palette that will influence the style and color of the room or space. This also helps to determine everyone’s idea of what a particular type of design might mean. For example a design terms such as “rustic” can be many levels based on YOUR individual conception of the term.

I am not creative myself, and just want my space to “look good.”

Not everyone wants to be involved with the design of their space, or have the eye for what they want. We can provide design elements or ideas as well if that is something you need. Our main goal is to capture your personal style and provide finishes that are complementary to the flow of your home.

I can’t seem to figure out my home’s focal points, can you create or distinguish that for me?

Many homes today have very open floor plans.  As we walk thru your home, our experienced faux artists will advise you on the areas and elements of your home that certain finishes can create the dramatic flare you are looking for.  It is very important to choose finishes based on the size and scale of the room.

What is this going to cost me?

We believe everyone should get to enjoy his or her home and want to show it off. That is why we offer an array of faux finishes so we can work with any budget. There are a series of factors that go into cost, such as materials used, project time, current condition and accessibility of space, travel and square footage. We will work with you during your consultation to give you the biggest impact for your budget.

What if damage is done during the job?

We understand opening your home can be a scary experience. Rest assure, our company Cobb Home Innovation is fully insured and bonded.

How much experience do you have with faux finishes?

We are a family owned business with over 25 years experience in the field of creating beautiful finishes for residential homes, restaurants, storefronts, churches and commercial offices.

How will the scheduling of my project work?

After the consultation and we have determined your custom finish, a deposit of 50 percent is required to be added to our schedule.  We work very closely with builders, designers and owners to keep proposed start and finish dates on target.

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